26/11/2014 :
New shows added to the "Shows section"

07/10/2014 :
New shows:

w/ Burning Cuchillo + Hardkada
Rock Beer The New
21:00 / Spain

w/ 1984
Sala La Vaca
21:00 / Ponferrada - Spain

13/06/2014 :
7inches out now thru Doomentia Records!!!

Nashgul / War Master split 7inches on black vinyl limited to 300 copies thru Doomentia Records !

Extracted from
For the last twelve years, NASHGUL have been one of Europe’s best current grindcore band, end of discussion. Their ethics, true to the genre’s DIY roots, and obvious reverence for what made death-metal and punk’s bastard son so great in the first place are undeniable. Yet, for the first time since they’ve formed, they’ve gone through their first line-up change last year as long time partner Santi has stepped down from his position as vocalist, only to be immediately replaced Alex from the young and promising death-metal squad, BOKLUK. Meaning that this new split ain’t just the last of a long series of collaboration but actually NASHGUL very first recording (executed last October) with their new growler. Determined to make it count, besides providing English translations for all three songs (“Bethlem Royal”, “Abuso” and “La Ùltima Lacra”) lyrics in the insert, they’ve decided to pay tribute somehow to the legendary Peel Sessions by going for a no-frills-no-second-take-everything-live approach. This only makes the whole thing maybe their rawest, most brutal and grindcore-oriented material EVER!

Compared their grinding friends of the day, WAR MASTER are relatively new comers, at least in Europe. Yet, those Texans’ obvious BOLT THROWER-inspired form of death-metal (guess where they picked up their name from!) has already surpassed the simple tribute it suggested since they first formed five years ago and this is brilliantly exampled by their side of the split, a nearly six-minutes unreleased cut called “Sacrificial Death” that benefits from even more apparent crust influences and the guttural attack of their latest vocalist, Rahi of defunct grindcore heroes INSECT WARFARE.

Completed by a stunning Daniel Shaw in tunes artwork that makes reference to both bands’ past history, another fine addition

03/04/2014 :
Interview for Heavy Metaltextbooks Blogspot

22/03/2014 :
"6 FAST WITH..." series running by Beelzebub Zine answered by Nashgul.

02/12/2013 :
Selfmadegod Records proudly announces the release of NASHGUL Obey CD which compiles songs from the 7”EP splits with P.L.F. and Malpractice Insurance plus some previously unreleased material that never came out from the tomb. Both EPs are post-El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad album and were recorded during one recording session September/November 2011 at Bonham Studios (A Coruña).

Obey will be released December 2013 via Selfmadegod Records

Artwork by our bassplayer Luis Sendon; ten tracks of the same shit as always, GRIND AS FUCK ! ; so don't expect any trendy shit, if you wanna try new experiencies kill yourself.

Layout making off :

12/11/2013 :
New shows confirmed:

- DEFENESTRE FEST 25th January
Putzuzulo Amtets fabrika / Zarautz / Basque Country

- CHIMPYFEST 2014 15-16-17 August
T Chances Venue / London

08/08/2013 :
- We recruited a new singer 3 months ago. His name is Alex from Bokluk, A Coruña band too; come to the shows to waste him and you will be demolished !!!. Cheers to him.

Promo pic 1
Promo pic 2
Promo pic 3

- SelfmadeGod Records from Poland will release during October/November a Cd compilation of all our latest recordings. It'll include the PLF & MALPRACTICE INSURANCE splits and some unreleased stuff. Stay tuned at

- We have recorded one week ago at "Treboada Studios" (A Coruña) 3 fast-blasting tracks for our forthcoming 7" split with the Texas downtuned-monsters WARMASTER. Soon we will post a preview so stay tuned !

- We are working in our forthcoming full length, we will record it on early 2014. Beware for some stinky old school Grindcore like it must be; Fuck Drop Tuning - Fuck your sucking triggers, losers !!

- Furthermore we will take advantage to record more songs for a forthcoming 7" split with the ultramegablasting PHOBIA. More details soon...

New shows confirmed:

- Raucous Grind Fest
27th September / Rock Palace Venue / Madrid

- We have just confirmed to show up at
Bracara Extreme Fest 2013.
4th October / Panoias / Braga - Portugal

- We are proud to share the stage with the UK
punk legend Doom in Asturias. Cant wait !
26th October / La Antigua Estacion Venue / Oviedo - Asturias

28/06/2013 :
Next 29 & 30th July we will enter into Treboada Studios (A Coruña) to blast 3 new songs for our forthcoming 7inches with the Texas downtuned-monsters WARMASTER.

05/06/2013 :
New show confirmed:
27th September 2013
Rock Palace Venue (Vara del Rey 6 , 28045 Madrid)

05/12/2012 :
We want to apologize to BRACARA Extreme Fest organization , we must cancel our appearence due to some personal issues. Thanx to Filipe and Ricardo for telling us to play again at their awesome festival. GRIND!

28/11/2012 :
Check the Nashgul / Plf review by
"Grind And Punishment" blog.Click here.

10/11/2012 :
New show confirmed:
Saturday 8th December 2012
BRACARA Extreme Fest
21:00 hrs. Braga (Portugal)

02/09/2012 :
Now available the Nashgul / Malpractice Insurance split 7 inches thru To Live a Lie Records (Usa); 750 copies of black and transparent orange. Nashgul side contains 3 songs from the same recording session of the PLF split called "2012", "Estigma" and "Estmociver" . Recorded at Estudios Bonham (A Coruña) during September and November 2011.

Malpractice Insurance side contains "Incompetent Negligent Unethical", "Ichorhaemia", "Surgical Sabotage", "Criminalisation Of Strange Behaviour" y "Post Op Complication".

Artwork by Luis Sendon

5 euros ( + shipping costs). Nashgul / Malpractice Insurance
split  pic. Interested write to:

20/06/2012 :
New show added:
Friday 6th July 2012
w/ Looking For An Answer + Crisischrist +
Mind Holocaust + Kamorräh
21:00 hrs. Sala Mogambo (Donosti - Basque Country)

06/06/2012 :
Interview for Total Fucking Mayhem Webzine. Click HERE for read it. We have uploaded two videos of the Maryland Death Fest (Baltimore - Usa) and another video of the "Escape From Prison Planet" tour over USA East Coast. Check the Media> Videos section.

05/06/2012 :
Back from our Escape from Prison Planet tour!!!!!

We sincerely want to give big thanks to all the people that make our first tour in the US one of the best experiences of our lifes!!!

Big thanks and cheers to:

Mike Put the finger in the fuckin hole Robbins, Erin and everybody in MARROW for all the blurry great moments in tour, Ryan MDF to make it possible, Mario Arem3 for helping us with his killing technology, Dan Dysphoria for the killer merch, Dino & GHOUL, LFAA brothers, Dave PLF (thanks for the records, we owe you one!), Dan Lilker, Rich and Total Fucking Destruction, Garret and ILSA, Vanessa and Brian Cat Bomb, Putrid Matt, Bruce (Warlord Clothing), Rebecca MaldiciĂłn Tovey , Relapse guys, Ryan Engorged, Maga, Fernando and Haemorrhage, Marco (Total Fucking Mayhem), Will (To Live is a Lie Records), Jerry (Bloody Phoenix), Reed Speedwolf..... all fuckin great bands we shared stage with or we got to see, everybody who feed us, got us drunk and high and gave us a place to sleep...all our underground maniac supporters and weirdos who went to our shows, bought our merch and still believe underground music is swimming upstream and not follow the current....thanks and see ya soon!!!!

14/05/2012 :
Past weekend's show with Catheter, Streetwalker and Arem 3 at Super 8 (Ferrol) upload it to video section.
Check it!

11/05/2012 :
New venue confirmed fot the 29th May Washington D.C. show with Ilsa, Triac and Extermination Angel.
RAS HALL 4809 Georgia Ave N Ave. W. Washington, DC 20011

26/04/2012 :

23th May: New York - w/ Ghoul + Ocultist + Pizza Hi Five
24th May: Baltimore - Maryland Death Fest
25th May: Baltimore - Maryland Death Fest
26th May: Baltimore - Maryland Death Fest
27th May: Baltimore - Maryland Death Fest
28th May: Richmond - Memorial Day Mash Fest
29th May: Washington D.C. - w/ Marrow + Ilsa +
Triac + Extermination Angel
30th May: Philadelphia - w/ Marrow + Total Fucking Destruction
31st May: New York - w/ Marrow + Skelptarsis + Cold Inside

06/04/2012 :
New show added:
Friday 27th April 2012
w/ Candlemass, Malignant Tumour, Tsjuder, Coffins...
23:00 hrs. Stage #3 - Barroselas (Portugal)
Ver Cartel

21/03/2012 :
New show added:
Saturday 28th April 2012
w/ Coffins, Skullhog, Ras, Continuo Renacer
21:00 hrs. Putzuzulo Squat / Zarautz (Basque Country)
Ver Cartel

13/03/2012 :
New show added:
Friday 11th May 2012
w/ Catheter, Streetwalker, Arem3
Sala Super 8 (C/ Real 223) 21:00 / Ferrol (A Coruña)

29/02/2012 :

At last we have our own webpage! Thanks to Diego for the programming help! Soon we will have an online shop where some merchandising will be available, including some brand new t shirts! Also you can get official Nashgul t-shirts thru Warlord Clothing (Usa)

New split 7inch with P.L.F. released thru Bones Brigade Records (France); get it here.

Nashgul will go the US in May for the first time. We will play Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore and also some dates around in the East Coast. More info coming soon!!!

Booking: Wombat Booking or get in touch with the band writing to or fill the formulary in the Contact section on this site.

Designed by Luis Sendon.Programming by dyb tech.

Chaos & Grind!!!!